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Pearson's Preview:
≈ [approximately equal] and »Borgen«

Now online: Pearson's Preview for Borgen – a conversation with Nicolas Stemann about putting a TV-series on stage, about lobbyists, idealism and European politics. The Preview for ≈ [approximately equal] has also just been published – director Mina Salehpour about finding comedy in tragedy, about value and significance, difficult last names and the important question: »Sekt or champagne?«.
With Pearson’s Preview, we're presenting essays for selected Schaubühne premieres and for F.I.N.D., written in both English and German.

Online documentaries: »An Enemy of the People« on tour

Since its premiere in September 2012 »An Enemy of the People« has been on tour in more than 25 cities around the world. Audience reactions have been different everywhere, but people are usually very engaged and eager to take part in the discussion. Some of our tours were accompanied by a camera crew.

The season 2015/16

The new season programme with all information on our premieres until July 2016 is now available at the Schaubühne. You can also download the pdf or read the digital version on issuu.

Upcoming Premieres


after the TV series by Adam Price, developped with Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm
Direction: Nicolas Stemann
Premieres on 14 February 2016

≈ [approximately equal]

by Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Direction: Mina Salehpour
Premieres on 17 February 2016

Next performances with surtitles

With French surtitles

The Marriage of Maria Braun

On 18 February 2016

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With English surtitles

Richard III.

On 29 February 2016

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You'll find here all performances with surtitles.

On Tour

Compassion. The History of the Machine Gun

in Lausanne

Théâtre de Vidy
18 and 19 March 2016

An Enemy of the People
in Bogotá

Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro Bogotá
24 to 27 March 2016

Here you can find a list of all upcoming and past guest performances.

* from »Borgen«