Festival International New Drama

Between 6 and 22 April 2018 the Festival International New Drama (FIND) at the Schaubühne will be showcasing outstanding new texts and productions from all over the world. All of the productions are coming to Berlin for the first time. You can download the festival publication here or read the digital version on issuu. Pre-sale for al shows during the festival starts on 1 March.

Guest performance of »The Encounter« in May

The Encounter, the hit production by Simon McBurney/Complicité, will celebrate its German premiere at the Schaubühne in May. After a work in progress showing of »The Encounter« at FIND 2015, under the working title »Amazon Beaming«, Simon McBurney brings his finished show back to the Schaubühne.

»Returning to Reims« has been selected for Theatertreffen 2018

Thomas Ostermeier's production of »Returning to Reims« after the book by Dider Eribon has been selected as one of the »ten most remarkable productions« for the 55th Theatertreffen (4 to 21 May). The seven jury members attended and discussed 409 productions in 54 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here you can find a list of all ten selected productions. 

The second half of the 17/18 season

The season programme with all information on our premieres until July 2018 is now available at the theatre. You can also download the pdf or read the digital version on issuu

The ensemble photographed by Paolo Pellegrin

The portraits for the 2017/18 campaign were shot by Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin. Pellegrin is the last in a series of renowned photographers who have portrayed the Schaubühne ensemble since 2013.