Season 2024/25

The programme with a preview of all upcoming productions until December and a discussion about sustainability at the theater between Schaubühne employees is now available in the theatre and can also be read online here.

Canadian author, director, actor, set designer and filmmaker Robert Lepage opens the Schaubühne's season with his new play »Glaube, Geld, Krieg und Liebe«. Lepage is one of the world's most important contemporary theater makers. In 2022, his work was the focus of the International New Drama Festival at the Schaubühne.

This season, the Studio will be opened by director Anika Stauch with Anna Gschnitzer's »Die Entführung der Amygdala«. The premiere is in October at the Studio.

In »Angriffe auf Anne« , British author Martin Crimp creates a portrait of a woman who, however, never appears in person. Director Lilja Rupprecht and her actors search for answers beyond fixed attributions. »Angriffe auf Anne« is Rupprecht's second work at the Schaubühne after »Jeff Koons« . The premiere is in October.

The new play »change« by Maja Zade, directed by Thomas Ostermeier, will premiere in November. Anna Schudt and Jörg Hartmann return to the Schaubühne ensemble to play a married couple and 21 other characters. The premiere is in November.

In »Replay« her latest play development, Yael Ronen looks at human history as a cycle together with the ensemble: Do generations cyclically repeat the experiences that others have had before them? Yael Ronen returned to the Schaubühne last year and staged the play »Bucket List« . The premiere is in December.

In four different series, the Schaubühne will once again provide space for discourse and collective reflection in the coming season. The Streitraum by and with Carolin Emcke has the motto »Austausch und Analyse – über historische Verantwortung und Nahost«. In Streit ums Politische 2024/25 Heinz Bude and his guests ask what it means to be »Einfach links«BUCCI × ꒰(·‿·)꒱ PARANOIA, the last edition of the BUCCI × ꒰(-‿-)꒱ series by lynn t musiol and Marcus Peter Tesch, examines the supposed link between queerness and persecution mania. Klassenzimmer by and with Vanessa Vu continues to explore the question of how social background shapes biographies in Germany.

We warmly welcome back to the ensemble: Jörg Hartmann, Eva Meckbach, Stefan Stern und Anna Schudt.

The Schaubühne's new 2024/25 season campaign was designed by illustrator and author Felix Bork. He took a close look at the Schaubühne's logo and put together new words by deleting, blackening and twisting the letters. In combination with associative illustrations, completely new, surprising and humorous combinations are created.

On Wednesday, September 4 at 6 pm, we will kick off the season with a construction fence exhibition of all the posters from the new season campaign in front of the Schaubühne. Thomas Ostermeier's production of »History of Violence« can be seen at 8pm.