Corona Guidelines

We’re embarking on this new season paying due care and attention to your health and to that of our ensemble and employees. In addition to the usual, and by now familiar, hygiene and social distancing rules, we've developed a series of specific protective measures for our venue to ensure that you have a pleasant visit to the theatre and that we can keep the risk of infection low:

General Measures

  • A daily negative Covid test, proof of vaccination or convalescence is required to attend the performance.
  • The seats in the auditorium will be occupied in accordance with the social distancing rules prescribed by the Berlin Senate, i.e. the so-called »checkerboard pattern« will be applied and every second seat remains free

    >>> Update: Currently, all available seats in our auditoriums may go on sale again for performances. Single seat occupancy in the checkerboard pattern is no longer required. The basis for this is the amended Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of the Berlin Senate, which allows full seat occupancy in the auditorium while retaining the known conditions (including presentation of a test or vaccination or recovery certificate). (Status: August 20, 2021)

  • A new one-way system in the space next to our building has been introduced to provide everyone with enough room and distance from each other when entering or exiting the venue.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are provided throughout the building.
  • Surfaces are being regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • To keep the cast and crews of different productions separate, and hence the risk of infection within the ensemble low, we are initially scheduling our performances in longer blocks instead of alternating the repertoire. Due to limited space, the Studio will remain closed for the time being.

Early October will see the successful completion of the years’ long refurbishment of our air conditioning system, meaning our building will soon finally be free of scaffolding. Our air conditioning and ventilation system is now one of the most modern of its kind and will contribute significantly to minimising the risk of infection in our performance spaces: ventilation is provided exclusively with fresh air drawn from outside which flows into the auditoriums from under the rows of seats, and the stale air is sucked up and away from above. The entire volume of air in the auditoriums is completely replaced with fresh air in a quater of an hour, thus significantly exceeding the currently recommended air replacement speed of 50m³/h.

Mouth and Nose Covering
It is mandatory for everyone to wear a FFP-Mask throughout the building. A medical certificate does not release you from this obligation. If you forget to bring your mouth and nose covering, you can get disposable masks for a small fee from the evening staff. An exception to the mask requirement currently exists only during the duration of the performance: The mask may be removed at its own, fixed place.

Buying Tickets
We kindly ask you to buy tickets in advance and preferably online. If this is not possible, you can of course purchase tickets at the box office but we would prefer it if you could use a cashless payment method. For contact tracing in the case of an infection, we are obliged to record, in addition to the usual data of the ticket purchaser, the names of those actually attending the respective performance. Please note that, for this reason, tickets are currently non-transferable. Should you wish to pass on your ticket, please contact our box office on +49 (0)30 89 00 23 so we can change the name registered to it. Please have your ID card with you on the evening of the event. 

Please arrange to arrive at the theatre in plenty of time before the start of the performance to prevent queues. Admission is no longer via the café but through the foyer doors at the side of the building. Please pay attention to the new direction signs. Our admission staff will be happy to help you with any questions.

The Café Schaubühne still offers drinks and small meals and adheres to the current regulation for the gastronomy in Berlin. This means that you are asked to provide your contact details in writing or electronically. Please also pay attention to the current signs here and understand the reduced capacity. As soon as you are seated in the café, you can remove the mouth and nose cover for eating and drinking. Please put them back on as soon as you leave your seat.

Consideration for Others
Your health and our own are important to us. If you feel ill or have symptoms of a cold, please stay at home. We also have to ask people who have had contact with COVID-19 patients during the last 10 days before the performance to refrain from attending a performance. You are welcome to contact our box office to rebook your ticket in another person’s name if you wish to do so.

Please note that the measures mentioned above may change at short notice depending on how the pandemic develops. We will keep you updated on a daily basis via our website, social media and our newsletter.

We’re looking forward to your visit and wish you enjoyable and stimulating evenings in our theatre!