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Young Friends

The Young Friends group is designed for young people aged between 0 and 27 who love and support the Schaubühne. You can be among the first to book for in-demand shows and meet the people who make them happen. You will share special occasions with a growing network of people your age, who love theatre as much as you do.

How you help

By supporting the Schaubühne you’ll be helping to create the work which impacts across the theatre world.

What you get

  • Get 10 tickets and pay for 9
  • Access to priority booking for all shows ahead of the general public
  • Invitation to special events designed for Young Friends
  • Invitation to all other exclusive events
  • Monthly newsletter and programme are mailed to you
  • Free entry for the »Autistic Disco« with Lars Eidinger (twice a year)

Contact: For more information on Young Friends membership get in contact with
Maren Kumpe, Membership Office, E-mail:
Paul Homrighausen, Speaker of the Junior Friends, E-mail:

Upcoming events

Directing Workshop with Thomas Ostermeier

Planned for the new season 2016/17.

Artist Talk with Laurenz Laufenberg

Planned for the new season 2016/17.

Past events

Young Friends at an exhibition | 27. May 2016

Exclusive guided tour through »Mythos Germania – Vision und Verbrechen«, Berliner Unterwelten e.V.
The historical exhibition of the Berlin Underworlds Association displays the architecture and urban planning in Berlin during the Nazi era, the ideological objectives of the Nazi regime and the criminal methods used in its pursuit. With these goals in mind, the exhibition attempts to analyze and deconstruct the legends surrounding the hotly debated topic of the »World Capital of Germania«.


Young Friends going to theatre | 16. May 2016

»Berlin Alexanderplatz« at Deutsches Theater, directed by Sebastian Hartmann
A man is released from prison. Reluctantly he returns back to life, back to the city, a mass of vehicles, lights and people. He has been locked up for four years for unintentionally killing his girlfriend, and has now firmly resolved to lead a respectable life. Or are these merely empty words? The man needs to navigate a stony, almost deathly road until his eyes are opened and, »very changed and battered«, he finally stands on Alexanderplatz again. The man, Franz Biberkopf, is one of many, his fate one of thousands. All around him are other people, voices, noises, news, the weather, the trains – he is surrounded by talking, singing, hissing, screeching and banging.

Travel to Dresden | 18.–20.12.2015

Shortly before Christmas we travelled to Dresden in order to watch the successful »Hamlet« production at Dresdner Staatsschauspiel. We met the Dresden Young Friends who arranged a meeting with the head of dramturgy for us. After the show we had the possibility to talk to main actor Christian Friedel. The following days we explored the beautiful city until we went home.
> Report in German (PDF)

Theatre and get-together | 12.7.2015

On the last day of the season the Young Friends met again to watch a play together and have a drink afterwards. This time we chose »Dritte Generation«, a play by and with actors and actesses from Israel, Palestine and Germany, perfect for the interests and topics of young people. About 20 people came to this event and talked for hours after the play had finished…

Theatre | 28.+29.5.2015

On two different nights we went to the theatre again. We followed the advice of the drama students and visited their production at the bat Studiotheater. We saw a more or less conventional version of »As You Like It« by Shakespeare, with improvised costumes and some slapstick. We loved to see the young actors and actresses play who had performed in »Fabian« at the Schaubühne the night before.

Theatre and get-together | 20.3.2015

Our first meeting was in March. We went to see »Fabian – Der Gang vor die Hunde« together and got to know each other over a couple of drinks. The actresses and actors of the Ernst Busch Drama School had been invited to meet the Young Friends – and most of them came and talked for an hour or two. Topics were of course how is life as a drama student, details of their hard training etc.