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Workshop on »Orlando« | 30.11.2019

Twice per season we invite all members to a practical workshop based on one of the current productions: Participants will discuss, dance and act together, thus gaining new perspectives on the theatrical piece in focus. This time the workshop was all about Katie Mitchell’s congenial stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s »Orlando«.

Rehearsal »Orlando« | 17 and 18 June 2019

Two rehearsal attendances had to be scheduled to satisfy the overwhelming response to our invitation. On these days, members had the exclusive opportunity to observe Katie Mitchell and the British-German crew work on the Virginia Woolf-based play »Orlando« (premiere at the Schaubühne on 5th September 2019). We were impressed by the enormous amount of (technical) work that goes into such a multimedia production: director Mitchell juggles a variety of camera perspectives, smooth costume and scene changes and her personnel all at the same time. It seems like one minute on stage equal two hours of rehearsal! Around 6.00 pm we left the rehearsal in excited anticipation of the upcoming production and with an insight into the demanding preparations for what appears so seemless on stage.