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Priority membership fee: 150 €
Priority membership fee for couples: 250 €

Reduced membership fee for young people (until 27): 40 €
Priority plus membership fee: 300 €
Priority plus membership fee for couples: 500 €
Corporate memberships: from 2.000 € (on request)
Voluntary contributions are welcome.


● Invitations to our special events (at least 10 p.a.)
 Invitations to our annual brunch at the beginning of the new season and to our annual New Year’s reception in January
Monthly programmes and newsletters (usually per email)
Early access to tickets – book in advance of the general public:
Priority members: 2 days ahead, 2 tickets per member per production in one season
Priority plus members: 3 days ahead, 2 tickets per member per show

Statute and contribution rules (in German)

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Donation receipts
If you pay more than 200 € p.a. we will send you an individual donation receipt. For contribuitions below 200 € the German tax offices accept your bank statement plus a simple donation receipt (download below).