To get a first impression of our theatrical work, it is always possible to attend our open public workshops.


Our QuerFormat program is aimed at people of different age groups who enjoy expressing themselves and create theatre over a short period of time. Within five meetings in one month they can write, improvise, think and experiment on a topic, a question or a theatrical form. The results will be presented in an internal showing on our rehearsal stage.


The »Polyrealisten« are a cross-age group of people, who create theatre together. In weekly rehearsals and a rehearsal week, the group engages intensively with a topic over one season. The result of their work will be presented at the end of the season in the studio of Schaubühne.In this season, the group will deal with the question of gender equality. At the beginning of the season 2019/20 the group is open for new performers. The cast is drawn by a lottery. However we will take into account that there will be a wide range of different gender perspectives are represented in the group.


This November, the new youth project »Changes« has started. In this project, 20 juveniles, aged between 14 and 18,  are searching for changes in their lives, their districts, but also in society as well as in politics. Which changes do you notice in your life? How do they affect you? In weekly rehearsals, they are investigating, writing and playing. During this process, the teenagers encounter with stories about growing-up, moving, saying goodbye and the future of their planet.

The artistic examination will be presented on our studio stage on the 7th of March, 2020.

The »Changes« project is sponsored by »Zur Bühne« the funding program of the Bühnenverein in the context of »Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung«.