Streitraum 2021/22: Pluralisierung der Gegenwart
– Pluralisierung der Erinnerung?

Carolin Emcke and guests

Recently, it has not only been the NSU controversy and the Black Lives Matter movement that have made it painfully clear how unimpededly and without reflection racism, anti-Semitism and neo-nationalist movements are still allowed to pursue their violence and contempt for humanity. A critical reflection of contemporary rightwing networks must always permit the question of which historical continuities are evident within them, and which are not. A secular, open and plural democracy needs to do more than merely assert itself as secular, open and pluralistic – while leaving its own blind spots, its own religious, cultural and social normalisations untouched. How can democratic discourse and participation in democracy be made truly pluralistic? Which (hi-) stories must be told and how can conflicts about interpretations and experiences be shaped in a constructive way?

Streitraum is a monthly discussion series at the Schaubühne that has been moderated and curated by publicist and author Carolin Emcke since 2004. Scientists, writers, politicians, artists and other public figures are invited to join the discussion. The Streitraum focuses on a new topic every season. All nine episodes can be watched live online.

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