Streit ums Politische 2018/19: »Democracies without majorities?«

Heinz Bude and guests
On 10 September, 29 October, 26 November, 17 December 2018

The formation of political majorities in Western democracies has become precarious. Shaky coalitions, mushrooming single-issue parties, anti-political demagogues and populist post-heroes dominate the scene. The new edition of »Streit ums Politische« (»Arguing Politics«) attempts to identify the causes of these developments. Is it still even possible to represent a fragmented society with a parliamentary majority? Or is it not the case that concepts of a politics of difference are ultimately undermining consensus politics? Is the ignorance of an isolated middle class the reason for the loss of a valid form of expressing a majority? Or do we simply have to get used to changing majorities, conglomerated minorities and event-related majorities? In any case, the question of the future is how our form of societies can still gain the capacity to act as a collective by the formation of temporary political majorities. Heinz Bude was born 1954 in Wuppertal and lives Berlin. Since 2000, he is Professor of Macrosociology at the University of Kassel.

Heinz Bude is working on the changes in social inequality and what this means for the self-generated actualities of contemporary societies. In 2014 he published »Gesellschaft der Angst« (»Society of Fear«), in 2016 »Das Gefühl der Welt. Über die Macht von Stimmungen« (»The Feeling of the World: On the Power of Moods«) and in 2018 »Adorno für Ruinenkinder. Eine Geschichte von 1968« (»Adorno for the Post-War Generation«).

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