Streit ums Politische 2019/20: »Loneliness«

Heinz Bude and guests
On 9 September, 21 October, 25 November and 16 December 2019

Do we live in a society of the lonely? Outsourced workers in their late fifties feel lonely because nobody seems to care anymore about their professional skills or life experiences. Many women over seventy feel abandoned in their single households because their grandchildren live far away with their offspring and the number of their relatives has been dwindling. There are also quite a few lonely people in their late forties who wake up in the middle of the night with the terrible thought that they have made the wrong decisions in life but can no longer find a way out of the trap of their existence. And more people in their mid-twenties feel lonely than you may think because, with their spiritual rootlessness, neither the arts, culture nor politics takes them seriously. The lonely feel their lives are slipping away and they have been forgotten by society. In their old age, they can be given communicative robots who, as self-learning machines, can respond with great understanding to their need for self-efficacy. The lonely can be provided with assisted living services for all situations in life via the internet. Idols of ruthless self-realisation can distract them from their misery. But they still remain alone with their fear of no longer being relevant. The problem could be easily solved ifthey only understood that they are not alone in their loneliness. A slogan from 1980s Berlin is still valid: »They mess you about if you’re on your own!«

»Streit ums Politische« is a series of political discussions with Heinz Bude at the Schaubühne. It started in the season 2011/12. At the beginning of each new season, on four dates one or more guests discuss different aspects of the chosen topic.


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