Streit ums Politische 2022/23: »War and piece«

Heinz Bude and guests
On 31 October, 14 November, 5 December 2022 and on 30 January 2023

War and peace not only delineate political and legal situations; they are also states of society. This season, Heinz Bude will be discussing with his guests how war emerges in peacetime – and how peace must be organised during a time of war. With particular consideration of the evidently misread threat posed by Russian imperialism, the question arises as to how this war of aggression against Ukraine arose from the post-1989 peace and how peace can win through in a warring society.

»Streit ums Politische« is a series of political discussions with Heinz Bude at the Schaubühne. It started in the season 2011/12. At the beginning of each new season, on four dates one or more guests discuss different aspects of the chosen topic.

Heinz Bude was born in Wuppertal in 1954, and lives in Berlin since 1974. Since 2000, he has been Professor of Macrosociology at the University of Kassel. Heinz Bude’s work focuses on the changes in social inequality and examines what this means for the self-generated actualities of contemporary societies. In 2014 he published »Gesellschaft der Angst« (»Society of Fear«), in 2016 »Das Gefühl der Welt. Über die Macht von Stimmungen« (»The Feeling of the World: On the Power of Moods«), in 2018 »Adorno für Ruinenkinder. Eine Geschichte von 1968« (»Adorno for the Post-War Generation«) and in 2019 »Solidarität. Die Zukunft einer großen Idee« (»Solidarity. The future of a great idea«). In 2020 his novel »Aufprall« (»Impact«) was published which he co-authored with Bettina Munk and Karin Wieland.


Past events

»Krieg und Frieden im Kontext von Globalisierung und Fragmentierung« 

Heinz Bude in conversation with Ulrich Menzel
on 31 October 2022


Audio (in German):



Video (in German): 


»China in the deglobal constellation« 

Heinz Bude in conversation with Maximilian Mayer
on 14 November 2022

Audio (in German):

Video (in German): 


»Post-Soviet Moods«

Heinz Bude in conversation with Alice Bota (author and journalist)

on 5 December 2022


»Refugee and expulsion« 

Heinz Bude in conversation with Manuela Boatcă
on 30 January 2023


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