Streit ums Politische 2024/25
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Heinz Bude and Guests

Left-wing thought has not just become quite difficult — rather, left-wing life can also constitute total self-delusion. Nevertheless, the distinction between left and right is as useful as it always was. In fact, it seems to be at the very centre of the political conflict that defines our present moment: the struggle against right-wing views and the defence of progressive gains. On four dates at the beginning of the new Season, and together with his guests, Heinz Bude will conduct a thoughtful and incisive investigation into the plausibility of a »post-critical thought« that refuses to exhaust itself in the grand gesture of an imagined alternative. They will direct our gaze towards the anti-political/ -democratic project that has brought the extremes of right and left so uncomfortably close to each other. They will look for the sites of insurrectional practices, which are everywhere and nowhere, and we will finally investigate the rift within a left that can no longer find its way out of the entanglement of colonial history.

Streit ums Politische has been a regular discussion series at the Schaubühne since the 2011/12 Season. Heinz Bude is Emeritus Professor for Macrosociology at Universität Kassel. He explores transformations in social inequality and their significance for the self-actuality of contemporary societies. In recent years, he has published »Gesellschaft der Angst«, »Das Gefühl der Welt. Über die Macht von Stimmungen«, »Solidarität. Die Zukunft einer großen Idee« and »Abschied von den Boomern«.


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