Carolin EmckePhoto: Andreas Labes
Carolin Emcke, Photo: Andreas Labes 
Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests
Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests 

Streitraum 2018/19
»Identity and Representation«

Carolin Emcke and guests

Today, when we talk about identity, it is not always clear what this refers to: cultural, religious or social groups? Gender, ethnic background or nationality? Which ambivalent identities can help us understand social formations today? Which attributions and projections make the affiliation to a certain social or religious group or way of life more difficult, and which make it easier? Which images and ideas are instrumental to stigmatisation? Why are class divisions held to be so taboo it is as though they do not exist: social exclusion or distinction which is passed down from generation to generation? What does it take for democratic societies to again become more open, hybrid and pluralistic? What is the relationship between identity and representation? Parliamentary and political representations are coming under increasing criticism, but the forms that media and artistic representations take also need to be scrutinised. Which images, which narratives are quoted and repeated, which are suppressed and forgotten? How are stereotypes created which reinforce notions of »authentic« and »fake«, of »us« and »the other«? How liberally, critically or maliciously can people or groups be portrayed or caricatured? Which criteria apply to art, music, film and the theatre?

Since the season 2004/05, the monthly series »Streitraum« is curated and moderated by publicist Carolin Emcke at the Schaubühne.

Performances 2018/19

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit Doris Dörrie (Regisseurin, Schriftstellerin), Verena Lueken (Journalistin, Schriftstellerin), Angelina Maccarone (Regisseurin, Autorin, Professorin Filmuniversität Babelsberg) und Maryam Zaree (Schauspielerin, Autorin, Regisseurin)

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit Didier Fassin (Ethnologe und Soziologe)

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit Julia Duchrow (Brot für die Welt), Barbara Eschen (Direktorin des DWBO) und Reiner Hoffmann (Vorsitzender des DGB)

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit Daniel Mendelsohn

Carolin Emcke in conversation with Aleida Assmann (emeritus professor of English literature and general literary studies at the Universität Konstanz), Enis Maci (author) and David Van Reybrouck

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit René Aguigah (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), Golineh Atai (WDR), Yassin Musharbash (DIE ZEIT) und Alexander Sängerlaub (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung)

Carolin Emcke im Gespräch mit Christian Bangel (Journalist), Robert Kusche (Opferberatung RAA Sachsen) und Angelika Nguyen (Autorin und Journalistin)

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