Carolin EmckePhoto: Andreas Labes
Carolin Emcke, Photo: Andreas Labes 
Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests
Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests 

Streitraum 2023/24:
»Power, violence, resistance«

Carolin Emcke and guests

Can violence ever be legitimate? And if so, what are the limits to its legitimacy? Whose violence, whose pain, whose destructions are acknowledged and whose are not? How can the prevention of violence be conceived in both private and public spheres? And how successful can non-violent resis ­ tance be?

Not least because of the Russian war in Ukraine, our society is currently deeply conscious of and concerned about the question of how protection can be secured and aggressors stopped, but also how a military (and nuclear) escalation can be prevented. How justified and necessary is the capability for military defence? What are its limitations and which political perspectives are missing? Other issues also bring a sense of urgency to questions about the legitimacy of violence and counter violence: above all the climate catastrophe and the protests against it. Public life has recently been dominated by attempts to demonise and criminalise the climate movement and its various forms of civil disobedience — but how much violence and how many violations of the law have also been carried out on behalf of the fossil fuel industry?

Streitraum is a monthly discussion series that has been moderated and curated at the Schaubühne by publicist and author Carolin Emcke since 2004. Scientists, writers, politicians, artists and other public figures are invited to join the discussion. The Streitraum focuses on a new topic every season.

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