Since the fall of 2022, the reopened studio offers a space for the productions of young in-house directors and guests, for established discussion events as well as new series, and formats imagined by our ensemble. The numerous talents of performers and staff will encounter new impetus from guests. The Studio will be a forum for new artistic forms and social perspectives, encourage experimen- tation and diversity, and address the burning issues that will preoccupy us in the future.



A queer-lesbian cultural performance by Lynn Takeo Musiol, Eva Tepest and guests


Where are you really from?

Vanessa Vu and guests


Streit ums Politische

War & Piece
Heinz Bude and guests


Two on a bench

by Alexander Gelman
Translated from Russian by Regine Kühn
Adapted for the Schaubühne by Amalia Starikow and Marilena Pütt
Director: Amalia Starikow

With: Damir Avdic, Julia Schubert
Stage Designer: Simon Lesemann
Costume Designer: Maksim Chernykh
Musican: Taylor Savvy
Dramaturg: Marilena Pütt

Premiers on 15 February 2023


Ensemble at the Studio

Harry Hase's Late Night

People, Mimes, Melodies

Berlin Affaires

Director: İlknur Bahadır

The Earthquake in Chile

by Heinrich von Kleist
Staged reading with and by Christina Deinsberger, Moritz Gottwald and Laurenz Laufenberg


by Henri Maximilian Jakobs
Buch Launch