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Philipp Rost (Maternity Leave Replacement, Head of Department)

Tel. +49.30.89002-194

Katharina Berger (Theatre Education Trainee)

Tel. +49.30.89002-181

Sidney Kaufmann (Voluntary Year of Social Service - Culture)

Tel. +49.30.89002-604


Philipp Rost

I was born and raised in Radebeul, near Dresden. In drama classes during my school exchange year in Canada I got inspired to pursue working in theatre. After my graduation I worked as assistant to director at the Eduard-von-Winterstein Theatre in Annaberg-Buchholz within a Voluntary Year of Social Service in Culture. I studied at the Institute of Performing Arts and Education in Braunschweig and then continued my studies at the Berlin University of Arts in theater education. During my time at university I was part of various drama, dance and performance art projects and also ran theater workshops for young people at various school theater festivals. In my theater educational work I emphasize experimenting with contemporary formats of theater. Thus in the summer of 2014 I developed a site-specific project in the Libeskind building of the Jewish Museum Berlin with seven adults. Most recently I created the production »istgleich« as part of my volunteer year in the theater education department of the Schaubühne. Since June 2016 I am head of our theatre education department as maternity leave replacement.

»I want to provide people with a platform to negotiate their own stories artistically and accompany them on this path. Again and again I am fascinated how an idea transforms into a scene on stage and eventually into an entire show.«

Katharina Berger

I was born and raised in Alsfeld. After my graduation I spent one year in Provence, living and working in a community with people with special needs. In addition to gaining experience in both French Cuisine and agriculture, I developed little theatre scenes with members of the community. Afterwards, I studied Theatre Arts in Strasbourg, Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, as well as Theatre Education at the Zurich University of the Arts as part of an »Erasmus« student exchange programme. During my studies, I created my own works in documentary theatre, performance, choreography and video art.
I worked with farmers, townspeople, dancers, children and young people in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Strasbourg, Zurich, and around the Vogelsberg mountain, where I was recently involved in an artistic research project.
I was also part of several dance and music theatre productions, among others at Tanzlabor_21 in Frankfurt, at K3 – Centre for Choreography in Hamburg, and at the Hessian State Theatre Marburg.
My thesis was based on a dance project with amateurs and professionals and dealt with the aesthetics of walking.
During my studies, I also worked at schools in various positions, among others as director of a school theatre group.
Since January 2016 I am the Theatre Education volunteer at the Schaubühne.

»I understand theatre as a space of possibility, where the silent observer meets the wild dreamer and everything between them unfolds in a new way. It's great to surprise yourself with both the usual and the unsual.«

Sidney Kaufmann

I was born in Speyer, where I also went to high school. My initial interest in literature was immensely broadened when I visited a production of Kafkas’s »The Trial« at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. I began to regularly go to the theatre and also became a member of the theater group at my school. After a while I realized that I wanted to be even more integrated in theatrical projects and therefore decided to apply for a Voluntary Year of Social Service in Culture at the Schaubühne after my graduation. Now I work here as an assistant since September 2016.

»During a theatrical performance I am able to dive into the thoughts of someone else, which gives me the chance to discover new perspectives on the world and myself.«