Frank Witzel

Born 1955 in Wiesbaden. Author. Has been writing poems, prose, essays and articles for cultural and literary journals. Published his first book of poems, »Stille Tage in Cliché« in 1978, followed by »Tage ohne Ende« in 1980. In 2001 he published his first novel »Bluemoon Baby«. For his work in progress »Die Erfindung der Roten Armee Fraktion durch einen manisch-depressiven Teenager im Sommer 1969« Witzel was awarded the Robert Gernhardt Literary Prize in 2012. After being published in 2015, the novel was awarded the German Book Prize.


The Invention of the Red Army Faction by a Manic-Depressive Teenager in the Summer of 1969 by Frank Witzel, Direction: Armin Petras (2016)