Philipp Rost

I was born and raised in Radebeul, near Dresden. In drama classes during my school exchange year in Canada I got inspired to pursue working in theatre. After my graduation I worked as assistant to director at the Eduard-von-Winterstein Theatre in Annaberg-Buchholz within a Voluntary Year of Social Service in Culture. I studied at the Institute of Performing Arts and Education in Braunschweig and then continued my studies at the Berlin University of Arts in theater education. During my time at university I was part of various drama, dance and performance art projects and also ran theater workshops for young people at various school theater festivals. In my theater educational work I emphasize experimenting with contemporary formats of theater. Thus in the summer of 2014 I developed a site-specific project in the Libeskind building of the Jewish Museum Berlin with seven adults. Most recently I created the production »istgleich« as part of my volunteer year in the theater education department of the Schaubühne. Since June 2016 I am head of our theatre education department as maternity leave replacement.

»I want to provide people with a platform to negotiate their own stories artistically and accompany them on this path. Again and again I am fascinated how an idea transforms into a scene on stage and eventually into an entire show.«


istgleich Eine Stückentwicklung der Werkstattgruppe der Schaubühne, Leitung: Philipp Rost (2015)
 Ein Projekt der Polyrealist_innen (Theatergruppe der Schaubühne), Leitung: Philipp Rost (2017)
Grand Hotel Ein Projekt der Polyrealisten, Leitung: Philipp Rost (2019)