Sara de Bosschere

Born in 1972 in Antwerp. Studied acting at the Koninklijk Converatorium Antwerp, during this time member of the theatre group »Maatschappij Discordia«. Co-founder of the theatre collective »De Roovers« in 1994. Various productions with the »Toneelgroep Amsterdam« with directors such as Gerardjan Rijnders, Johan Simons, Jan-Joris Lamers and Jan Decorte. Appeared in multiple film and television productions, such as in »Exit« (Direction: Boris Paval Conen, 2013), »Waste Land« (Direction: Pieter Van Hees, 2013), »Belgica« (Direction: Felix Van Groeningen, 2016) and in the Emmy award-winning show »Wat als?« (EA, 2011). Collaborations with the IIPM and Milo Rau include »The Civil War« (Theater Spektakel, 2014) and »Five Easy Pieces« (Kunstenfestival Brussels, 2016).