Alice Duchange

Set designer, costume designer and prop maker. After a BTS degree in textile arts and a diploma in costume design and direction in Lyon, she attended the Strasbourg National Theatre school in the set/costume department and continued her education with Pierre André Weitz, Daniel Jeanneteau, Stéphane Braunschweig, Alexandre Dedardel, Benoît Lambert and Richard Brunel. From 2011 to 2014, she was part of the 16-member multidisciplinary art and culture collective laMezz in Lyon. Since 2008, she has been a member of the company Les Hommes Approximatifs. As a set and costume designer, she has worked with Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Lazare Herson Macarel, Nasser Djemaï, Anne-Laure Liegeois, Benoit Bradel, Christian Duchange, Marion Guerrero, Estelle Savasta, Jean Lacornerie, Julien Geskoff, Yan Raballand, Frédéric Sonntag, Marion Chaubert, Catherine Anne, Maurin Ollès and Le Birgit Ensemble.


Childhood Archives by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen (World Premiere, 2022)

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by Caroline Guiela Nguyen
Translated from the French by Uli Menke
Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen
World Premiere
Saal A