Alina Vimbai Strähler

Alina Vimbai Strähler

Born in Duisburg in 1987. Studied acting from 2010 to 2015 at Zurich University of the Arts, with a stay abroad at New York University. Scholarship-holder of the Zürcher Theaterverein. First engagements at Schauspielhaus Zurich and Schauspiel Frankfurt while still studying. Permanent ensemble member at Theater Konstanz in season 2015/2016, followed by an engagemant at Lucerne Theatre from 2016 to 2018 where she worked with Julia Wissert, Nina Mattenklotz and Alexander Giesche, among others. 2018 invitation to the Schweizer Theatertreffen with Giesche’s production »White Out«. From 2019 to 2021 engagement at Grips Theater Berlin. Ensemble member of the Schaubühne since 2021.


Kein Weltuntergang (Not the End of the World) by Chris Bush, Director: Katie Mitchell (World Premiere, 2021)
Der Krieg mit den Molchen after Karel Čapek, Director: Clara Weyde (2022)
Childhood Archives by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen (World Premiere, 2022)
Die Möwe (The Seagull) by Anton Chekhov, Director: Thomas Ostermeier (2023)


In this season

Not the End of the World

by Chris Bush
Translated from English by Gerhild Steinbuch
Direction: Katie Mitchell
World premiere

Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Newts)

after Karel Čapek
In an adaptation by Soeren Voima
Director: Clara Weyde

The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov
In a version by the ensemble using the translation by Ulrike Zemme
Director: Thomas Ostermeier
Stage B


by Caroline Guiela Nguyen
Translated from the French by Uli Menke
Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen
World Premiere
Saal A