Annie Ernaux

Born in Lillebonne in 1940. One of the most important contemporary French speaking authors. Describes herself as an »ethnologist of herself« and has influenced generations of writers with her books. Spent her childhood and youth in Yvetot, a small town in Normandy. She attended a Catholic lycee and studied in Rouen and Bordeaux to become a high school teacher. In 1974 debut novel »Les Armoires vides« was published. It was followed by numerous other autobiographical-sociological novels, including »A man’s place« (1983), »A Woman’s Story« (1988), »Se perdre« (2001), »The Years« (2008) and »A Girl’s Story« (2018). She has received numerous awards for her works, including the Prix Renaudot (1984) for »A man’s place«, the Prix de la langue francaise (2008) and the Prix Marguerite-Yourcenar (2017) for her complete oeuvre. She was also nominated for the Man Booker International Prize. Ernaux was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in October 2022.


A Girl‘s Story by Annie Ernaux, Director: Sarah Kohm (2022)

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A Girls Story

based on the novel by Annie Ernaux
translated from the French by Sonja Finck
Stage adaptation by Veronika Bachfischer, Sarah Kohm, Elisa Leroy