Antoine Richard

Producer and sound designer. His wide approach of creating sounds made him work in different artistic fields such as radio, theater, dance, music and museography. 

He has been a member of the company »Les Hommes Approximatifs« under the direction of Caroline Guiela Nguyen since 2009 and collaborated with numerous theatre directors and choreographers such as Richard Brunel, Matthias Langhoff, Jean-Louis Hourdin, Julie Delille and Samuel Theis, among others.

Richard works as a freelancer for the radio station France Culture and is a member of the Making Waves collective that makes radio producing accessible to everyone, especially to marginalized groups. He teaches radio documentary and drama at Phonurgia Nova in Arles, France.

Besides his collaborations, he produces audio creations which are inspired by personal family issues or the subject of human relations, and works with new forms melting different genres such as documentary, radio drama and Field Recording. For his works he received the Prix Italia and the grand prix de poésie de la SGDL for the radio drama »Le Chagrin« in 2016, the Phonurgia Nova documentary award for »Sur la Touche« in 2018 and the SACD New Talent Award for his work with the company »Les Hommes Approximatifs«. In 2020 he founded the online platform, dedicated to sound design on stage.


Childhood Archives by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen (2022