Caroline Tavernier

Caroline Tavernier has been a costume designer since 1994. Originally a dressmaker for film, she soon worked as a costume designer with directors such as Claire Denis, the Larrieux brothers, Nicolas Klotz and Lodge Kerrigan. Most recently, she designed the costumes for Ludovic Bergery's film »L'étreinte« with Emmanuelle Béart which premiered in May 2021. In theatre, she has been working closely with Julien Gosselin since 2013, currently for his production »Le Passé« by Leonid Adreiev at the Théâtre de l'Odéon (premiere on 30 November 2021). Collaboration also with director Tiphaine Raffier, most recently for »La réponse des Hommes« which will have its premiere at Théâtre la Criée 1. in Marseille on 17 December 21.

Who killed my father (Qui a tué mon père) by Édouard Louis, Director: Thomas Ostermeier (2021)