Doğa  Gürer

Doğa Gürer

Born in Heidelberg in 1992. Studied acting at the HMT Rostock until 2018. During his studies, he appeared in Séverine Chavrier's production »Egmont« by Goethe/Beethoven in Paris and Vienna, among other productions. Since 2017 he has been performing on behalf of the Bühne für Menschenrechte Berlin in the documentary theatre projects »Die Asyl-Monologe / NSU-Monologe / Mittelmeer-Monologe« (written and directed by Michael Ruf), with guest performances in Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund, Nuremberg, Leipzig and Dresden, among others. From 2018 to 2020 he was a permanent ensemble member of the Bielefeld Theatre. There he played in Édouard Louis' »In the Heart of Violence« (director: Alice Buddeberg), Rosalind in William Shakespeare's »As You Like It« (director: Christian Schlüter) and Emil Sinclair in Hermann Hesse's »Demian« (director: Michael Heicks), among others. As a guest, he still appears in »Demian« at the Bielefeld Theatre. He also played the role of Kemal in Cihan Acar's »Hawaii« at the Theater Heilbronn (director: Nurkan Erpulat). Doğa Gürer also works for film and TV, most recently in »Rheingold«, directed by Fatih Akın.


Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Newts) after Karel Čapek, Director: Clara Weyde (2022)


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Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Newts)

after Karel Čapek
In an adaptation by Soeren Voima
Director: Clara Weyde