Florian Borchmeyer

Florian Borchmeyer

Born in 1974 in Wasserburg am Inn. Since the 2011/12 season he is dramaturg, since 2013 head of dramaturgy at the Schaubühne Berlin. Studied literature in Berlin, Havanna and Paris. In 2006 conferral of a doctorate in philosophy with the graduate thesis about the history of the discovery of America. In 2006 he was awarded the Bayerische Filmpreis for the documentary movie »Habana - Arte nuevo de hacer ruinas«. He is a filmmaker and works as a literature critic and curates the international programme at Filmfest Munich. 


The Return of Ulysses after Claudio Monteverdi (Direction: David Marton, 2011)
Eugene Onegin after Alexander Puschkin (Direction: Alvis Hermanis, 2011)
Das wohltemperierte Klavier Musical theatre after Johann Sebastian Bach and László Krasznahorkai (Direction: David Marton, 2012)
An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2012)
Galaxy (Direction and concept: BLITZ, 2012)
Summerfolk by Maxim Gorki (Direction: Alvis Hermanis, 2012)
Hyperion. Letters of a Terrorist after Friedrich Hölderlin (Direction: Romeo Castellucci, 2013)
Romeo und Julia by William Shakespeare (Direction: Lars Eidinger, 2013)
For the Disconnected Child by Falk Richter (Direction and Choreography: Falk Richter, 2013)
The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2014)
2666 by Roberto Bolaño (Direction: Àlex Rigola, 2014)
Kasimir and Karoline by Ödön von Horváth (Direction: Jan Philipp Gloger, 2014)
The Marriage of Maria Braun after Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2014)

Richard III by William Shakespeare
(Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2015)
Ödipus the Tyrant after Sophokles/Friedrich Hölderlin (Direction: Romeo Castellucci, 2015)
Bella Figura by Yasmina Reza (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, World Premiere 2015)
Compassion. The History of the Machine Gun by Milo Rau, Direction: Milo Rau (2016)
Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler,Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2016)
Dead Dog at Dry Cleaners: the Strong by Angélica Liddell, Direction: Angélica Liddell (2017)
Returning to Reims after Didier Eribon, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2017)
LENIN by Milo Rau & Ensemble, Direction: Milo Rau (World Premiere, 2017)
Im Herzen der Gewalt by Édouard Louis, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2018)
Italian Night by Ödön von Horváth, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2018)
Youth Without God by Ödön von Horváth, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2019)
Returning to Reims after Didier Eribon, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (new Version, 2020)


In this season

The Marriage of Maria Braun

After the original by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Script: Peter Märthesheimer and Pea Fröhlich
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier 

An Enemy of the People

by Henrik Ibsen
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

History of Violence

by Édouard Louis
in a version by Thomas Ostermeier, Florian Borchmeyer and Édouard Louis
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
German Premiere
Stage B

Youth without God

by Ödön von Horváth
directed by: Thomas Ostermeier

Compassion. The History of the Machine Gun

by Milo Rau
Collaboration text: Ursina Lardi, Consolate Sipérius
World Premiere
Direction: Milo Rau

Professor Bernhardi

by Arthur Schnitzler
Version by Thomas Ostermeier and Florian Borchmeyer
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Qui a tué mon père

(Who killed my father)
by Édouard Louis
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Richard III.

by William Shakespeare
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Returning to Reims

based on the novel »Retour à Reims« by Didier Eribon
German translation by Tobias Haberkorn
Resumption (new version of »Returning to Reims«)
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier