Gleb J. Albert

Born 1981 in Moscow. Studied Eastern European History, Slavic Studies and Medieval and Modern History at the Universität zu Köln and in Krakow. PhD at the Universität Bielefeld at the Faculty of History in 2014 (Title: The charisma of the world revolution. Revolutionary internationalism in the early Soviet society from 1917-1927, Cologne: Böhlau, 2017). Document edition and numerous publications concerning the history of the Comintern. Member of the DFG research group »Medien und Mimesis« since 2014 for the project »Mimetische Ökonomien« at the History Department of the Universität Zurich. Contribution to a habilitation project concerning the transnational history of global software piracy among adolescents in the 1980s and early 1990s. Associate member of the Zentrum für Geschichte und Wissen in Zurich since 2015. Co-editor of the online magazines »Geschichte der Gegenwart» and »International Newsletter of Communist Studies«. Historical advisor for various theatre productions, e.g. »Briefe an Trotzki« (Direction: Yuri B. Anderson, Theaterlabor Bielefeld in 2013).


LENIN by Milo Rau and Ensemble, Direction: Milo Rau (World Premiere, 2017)