Heinrich von Kleist

Born 1777 in Frankfurt/Oder. Considered as one of the most important German dramatists, storytellers and poets. Among his most famous works are plays like »The Broken Jug«, »Penthesilea« or »Käthchen of Heilbronn«. His stories such as »The Marquise of O ...« or »Michael Kohlhaas« also belong to the canon of world literature. Inspired numerous writers and composers with his works. Served as a corporal from 1792 on. 1799 dismissal from the military at his own request. Afterwards registration at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt/Oder. Quitting studies after three semesters. Subsequently stays and residences in Paris, Switzerland, Weimar, Leipzig, Dresden and Königsberg. 1811 joint suicide at the age of 34 with the writer Henriette Vogel who was suffering from cancer.

Michael Kohlhaas by Heinrich von Kleist, Director: Simon McBurney and Anaabel Arden (2020)