Holger  Bülow

Holger Bülow

Born in Freising in 1979. Grew up in Marburg. After two semesters of media studies in Marburg, he studied acting at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig from 2001 to 2005.
His first engagement took him to Staatstheater Hannover, followed by engagements at the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, Schauspiel Köln, Staatsschauspiel Dresden and Theater Basel. He also appeared in productions at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Theater Bremen and Theater Klagenfurt. Collaborations, among others, with the directors Nora Schlocker, Mateja Koležnik, Herbert Frisch, Julia Hölscher, Laura Linnenbaum, Sebastian Baumgarten, Karin Henkel, David Marton, Barbara Bürk and Clemens Sienknecht. He also plays in film- and TV-productions. In 2011 he was nominated as Young Artist of the Year by the critics jury of the journal Theater heute as well as for the Daphne-Prize for young actors of the Theatergemeinde Berlin in 2015.


Vernon Subutex 1 by Virginie Despentes, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2021)
Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Nefts) after*]Karel Čapek, Director: Clara Weyde (2022)
Sich waffnend gegen eine See von Plagen (To Take Arms Against a See of Troubles), a project by Stas Zhyrkov and Pavlo Arie, Director: Stas Zhyrkov (2022)


In this season

Vernon Subutex 1

by Virginie Despentes
Director: Thomas Ostermeier
Stage A

Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Newts)

after Karel Čapek
In an adaptation by Soeren Voima
Director: Clara Weyde

House of Dance

by Tina Satter
Translated from English by Gerhild Steinbuch
Director: Tina Satter
German premiere

To take arms against a sea of troubles (ОЗБРОЮЮЧИСЬ ПРОТИ МОРЯ ЛИХ)

A Project by Stas Zhyrkov and Pavlo Arie
Translation by Sebastian Anton
Director: Stas Zhyrkov 
World Premiere
Проект Стаса Жиркова та Павла Ар’є
Режисер: Стас Жирков
Переклад: Себаст’ян Антон