Iris Becher

Iris Becher

Born in Buenos Aires in 1988. Has been a member of the Schaubühne ensemble since 2013. Studied acting at the »Ernst Busch« Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin from 2009 to 2012. Whilst studying, she performed first roles at the bat-Studiotheater and the »Wolfgang Heinz« Stage in plays including »The White Horse Inn« by Ralph Benatzky (Direction: Janet Stornowsky, 2012) and »The Animal Kingdom« by Philipp Barry (Direction: Juliane Kann, 2012). In 2011, she was engaged at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin for »Das Ding« by Philipp Löhle (Direction: Daniela Löffner). First appearances in film: »Un Suave Olor a Canela« (Direction: Giovanna Ribes, 2012), »Soko Wismar« (Direction: Steffi Doehlemann, 2015) and »Los territorios« (Direction: Ivan Granovsky, 2015).


Tania in Die gelbe Tapete after Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Direction: Katie Mitchell, 2013)
Julia in Romeo und Julia by William Shakespeare (Direction: Lars Eidinger, 2013)
Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth, 2013)
Alexandra Giddens in The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2014)
Leonce und Lena by Georg Büchner (Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth, 2014)
Dem Merkl Franz seine Erna in Kasimir und Karoline by Ödön von Horváth (Direction: Jan Philipp Gloger, 2014)
Ödipus the Tyrant after Sophokles/Friedrich Hölderlin (Direction: Romeo Castellucci, 2015)
thisisitgirl An evening about women and issues and women's issues for women and men, Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth (2015)
Ophelia's Room with texts by Alice Birch, Direction: Katie Mitchell (2015)
≈ [approximately equal] by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Direction: Mina Salehpour (2016)
The Stranger by Albert Camus, Direction: Philipp Preuss (2016)
The Imaginary Invalid by Molière, Direction: Michael Thalheimer (2017) 
Dead Dog at Dry Cleaners: the Strong by Angélica Liddell, Direction: Angélica Liddell (2017)
LENIN by Milo Rau & Ensemble, Direction: Milo Rau (World Premiere, 2017)
fontane.200: Einblicke in die Vorbereitungen des Jubiläums des zweihundertsten Geburtstags Theodor Fontanes im Jahr 2019 An evening by and with Rainald Grebe, Direction: Rainald Grebe (World Premiere, 2018)
Jeff Koons by Rainald Goetz, Direction: Lilja Rupprecht (2018)
Champignol inspite of himself by Georges Feydeau, Direction: Herbert Fritsch (2018)
HE? SHE? ME! FREE. A project by Patrick Wengenroth and Ensemble, Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth (2018)
THE HUMAN CONDITION after Hannah Arendt, Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth (2019)


In this season

≈ [approximately equal]

by Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Direction: Mina Salehpour

Champignol in Spite of Himself

by Georges Feydeau
Direction and Set Design: Herbert Fritsch

The Stranger

by Albert Camus
Direction: Philipp Preuss


A project by Patrick Wengenroth and the ensemble
Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth

Italian Night

by Ödön von Horváth
in a version by Thomas Ostermeier and Florian Borchmeyer 
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Jeff Koons

by Rainald Goetz
Direction: Lilja Rupprecht


by Milo Rau & Ensemble
Direction: Milo Rau


after Hannah Arendt
Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth


An evening about women and issues and women's issues for women and men
Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth