Jérémie Scheidler

Born in 1983, studied philosophy and psychology. Author, director and video artist. Member of the company Les Hommes Approximatifs under the direction of Caroline Guiela Nguyen.
In his work, he deals with borders, edges and thresholds and tries to dissolve the separation between the different media, between text and image, cinema and theatre, documentary film and fiction as far as possible.
As a video artist, he has collaborated with directors Caroline Guiela Nguyen, David Geselson, Julien Fišera, Dieudonné Niangouna and Richard Brunel, as well as with Adrien Béal, Marie Charlotte Biais, Olivier Coyette, Nicolas Fagart and Norah Krief.
Dramaturge for the company Les Hommes Approximatifs and Adrien Béal ("Perdu connaissance"). Films and videos for the electro-acoustic music duo Kristoff K.Roll. Works as a director since 2013. Staging of his own texts since 2017, such as »Layla, à présent je suis au fond du monde«, which he wrote for the actress Boutaïna El Fekkak and which was adapted as a radio play for France Culture and subsequently published by the publishing house esse que. In 2018 founding of the Compagnie d'un pays lointain together with Florence Verney and Boutaïna El Fekkak. In 2019, he directed his play »Lisières« and in 2020 »Comme la mer, mon amour« by Abdellah Taïa and Boutaïna El Fekkak, for which he also created a video.
Together with Boutaïna El Fekkak, he is working on further projects for his Compagnie d'un pays lointain. In parallel, he is developing the long-term project "Hypermnésie" on the basis of a written and film diary that he has been keeping since 2009.
He also deals with the topic of climate change and theatre and was a co-founder of the group Ecologica in 2000.


Childhood Archives by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen (2022)