Pavlo Arie

Born in Lviv (Ukraine) in 1977. Chief dramaturge of the Left Bank Theatre, Kyiv. Playwright, translator and conceptual artist. Studied art, sociology and Slavic studies. In 2011 winner of the Ukrainian literary prize Koronazia slova. Author of more than a dozen plays which have been presented at renowned theatre festivals, such as the Biennale »STÜCKE AUS EUROPA 2010« in Wiesbaden, »Drama.UA«, »Kurbalesіya« (both in Ukraine) and  »Konfrontation Festival 2014« in Lublin (Poland). Since 2011 curator of the international drama festival  »drabina«. In 2012 fellow at the International Programme of the Royal Court Theatre in London for playwrights. From 2012 to 2016 curator of the Ukrainian drama competition »Drama.UA« and in 2016/17 at the Heidelberg Stückemarkt. From 2016 to 2017 Artistic Director of the Lesya Ukrainka Theatre in Lviv. Since 2019 member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, from 2020 to 2022 jury member of the international festival »East - West« (Krakow, Poland). Lives in Kyiv and Cologne.


To Take Arms Against a See of Troubles, A Project by Stas Zhyrkov and Pavlo Arie, Director: Stas Zhyrkov (2022)