Photo: Arno Declair
Photo: Arno Declair 
»Das Leben des Vernon Subutex 1«Photo: Thomas Aurin
»Das Leben des Vernon Subutex 1«, Photo: Thomas Aurin 
KindheitsarchivePhoto: © Gianmarco Bresadola, 2022
Kindheitsarchive, Photo: © Gianmarco Bresadola, 2022 
Bucket ListPhoto: © Ivan Kravtsov, 2023
Bucket List, Photo: © Ivan Kravtsov, 2023 

Ruth Rosenfeld

Member of the Schaubühne ensemble since the 2017/18 season. Born in Los Angeles, grew up in New York and Tel Aviv. First studied electric bass and later singing at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv and at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. Member of the ensemble at the Volksbühne Berlin and engagements at the Philharmonie Berlin, Theater Basel, Lucerne Festival, Théâtre National in Brussels, Théâtre de l’Odéon in Paris and the Opernhaus and Schauspielhaus Zurich. Collaborations with Frank Castorf, Herbert Fritsch, David Marton, Dimiter Gotscheff and Jette Steckel, among others. Invitations to the Theatertreffen in Berlin with »Ohne Titel Nr. 1« in 2014, »der die mann« in 2015 and »Pfusch« in 2016 (all directed by Herbert Fritsch). Appearances in films and on television including in »Bibi & Tina: Bewildered and Bewitched« (2014, directed by Detlev Buck), »Piaffe« (2022, directed by Ann Oren) and »Das Haus der Träume« (2022, directed by Sherry Hormann).

Zeppelin freely after Ödön von Horváth, Director: Herbert Fritsch (2017)
der die mann after texts by Konrad Bayer, Directior and Set Designer: Herbert Fritsch (Takeover of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 2018)
NULL by Herbert Fritsch, Director: Herbert Fritsch (2018)
HE? SHE? ME! FREE. A project by Patrick Wengenroth and Ensemble, Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth (2018)
THE HUMAN CONDITION after Hannah Arendt, Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth (2019)
Die Anderen (The Others) by Anne-Cécile Vandalem, Director: Anne-Cécile Vandalem (World Premiere, 2019)
Das Leben des Vernon Subutex 1 (Vernon Subutex 1) by Virginie Despentes, Director: Thomas Ostermeier (2021)
Kindheitsarchive (Childhood Archives) by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Director: Caroline Guiela Nguyen (World Premiere, 2022)
In Memory of Doris Bither by Yana Thönnes, Director: Yana Thönnes (World Premiere, 2023)
Bucket List by Yael Ronen & Shlomi Shaban, : Yael Ronen (Uraufführung, 2023)