Sébastien Dupouey

Born in 1969 in Paris. Studied at the der École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He works as a musician and graphic designer for the French music scene. He directs for music video productions and French television. Since 2005 he has been creating video sequences for theatre, as well as developing video installations and film projects. He has collaborated with Falk Richter, Stefan Pucher, Lars-Ole Walburg and Christina Paulhofer, among others. He has worked under Thomas Ostermeier at the Münchner Kammerspielen, on productions including »Vor Sonnenaufgang« by Gerhart Hauptmann (2005) and »Susn« by Herbert Achternbusch (2009), and at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam on »Ghosts« by Henrik Ibsen (2011). Sébastien Dupouey lives and works in Paris and Berlin.


Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2006)
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach by Tennessee Williams (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2007)
Hamlet by William Shakespeare (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2008)
Kabale und Liebe by Friedrich Schiller (Direction: Falk Richter, 2008)
Die Ehe der Maria Braun by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2009)
Dämonen by Lars Norén (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2010)
Othello by William Shakespeare (Direction: Thomas Ostermeier, 2010)
Viel Lärm um Nichts by William Shakespeare (Direction: Marius von Mayenburg, 2013)
Richard III. by William Shakespeare, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2015)
Stück Plastik by Marius von Mayenburg (Direction: Marius von Mayenburg, World Premiere 2015)
Peng by Marius von Mayenburg, Direction: Marius von Mayenburg (Worl Premiere 2017)
Rückkehr nach Reims after Didier Eribon, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2017)
Im Herzen der Gewalt by Édouard Louis, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2018)
abgrund by Maja Zade, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (World Premiere, 2019)
Jugend ohne Gott by Ödön von Horváth, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier (2019)

In this season


by Maja Zade
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
World Premiere


by Lars Norén
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Die Affen

by Marius von Mayenburg
Direction: Marius von Mayenburg
World Premiere

The Marriage of Maria Braun

After the original by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Script: Peter Märthesheimer and Pea Fröhlich
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier 


by William Shakespeare
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Thomas Ostermeier

History of Violence

by Édouard Louis
in a version by Thomas Ostermeier, Florian Borchmeyer and Édouard Louis
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
German Premiere

Youth without God

by Ödön von Horváth
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Richard III.

by William Shakespeare
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier


by Marius von Mayenburg
Direction: Marius von Mayenburg
World Premiere