Wiebke Nonne

I was born in 1985 in Bielefeld and moved many times since then. For university I wound up in Leipzig where I studied cultural studies, ethnology and psychology and was additionally engaged in various theatre projects. In 2010 for example I developed the production »Give me a piece of love« with young people at the Spinnwerk in Leipzig. Before and during university, I travelled several times to Bolivia and Peru where I worked with a human rights and environmental organisation and, amongst other things, ran theatre workshops in rural areas. In 2012 I worked for a year as trainee and assistant to Uta Plate in the Schaubühne's theatre education team. During this time I founded the Polyrealists youth theatre group and developed with them the production »Wir haben uns entschieden« (»We made a decision«) which was invited to the »Kaltstart« youth theatre festival in 2013. I then stood in for Uta Plate for two months at the beginning of 2013. After that, working as production assistant for »Das letzte Kleinod« (»The Final Treasure«) site specific theatre company took me to northern Germany. From January to June 2014 I was theatre educator for the Landesbühnen Sachsen Gmbh theatre in Radebeul and surounding areas. Since the start of the 2014/15 season, I am head of the theatre education team at the Schaubühne and created amongst other projects two further productions with the Polyrealists as a mix-aged theatre group. In 2015 »Happy Endings« and in 2016 »MACHT was ihr wollt« (POWER take it or leave it) came out.