A Green New Deal

Panel Discussion with Chantal Mouffe (political scientist), Katja Kipping (party chair of Die Linke) and other guests
Host: Tania Martini

The question of a left-wing counterforce to the neoliberal hegemony is a common thread in the work of Chantal Mouffe. In her most recent book, she argues for a new left-wing populism that can make issues of social justice once again have majority appeal and confront a growing right-wing populism. A decisive factor for its success, according to Mouffe, would be the mobilisation of common passions amongst as many different actors on the political left as possible. She sees an opportunity for this in a Green New Deal. This is a radical social-ecological economic policy based on the reforms undertaken by Roosevelt to end the Great Depression in the 1930s. How big is the divide between those who, in view of the climate crisis, fear the end of the world and those who, when looking at their bank balance, fear the end of the month? Chantal Mouffe discusses with Katja Kipping and other guests the possibilities for left-wing politics in the face of existential threats from the climate crisis and right-wing populism.

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