Photo: Francisco Barreiro, 2014
Photo: Francisco Barreiro, 2014 

Derretiré con un cerillo la nieve de un volcán
I melt the Snow of a Volcano with a Match

Guest Production from Mexico
by Lagartijas tiradas al sol

In 1910, rebels including Villa and Zapata call for the government to be stormed: the Mexican Revolution begins. Following the turmoil of the early stages, the revolutionary forces join together in 1928 to form a united party, the Partido de la Revolución Instituciónal (PRI): the revolution becomes an institution. Over 71 years the PRI establishes an economically successful but also authoritarian and corrupt regime which continues to shape the cultural and political life of Mexico until this day. The members of the Lagartijas tiradas al sol collective came of age in 2000, the Year of Democratisation in which the PRI lost the presidential vote for the first time. As the 2012 return to power for the PRI looms imminent, the group poses the questions why the Mexican people want to return to this regime and what democracy actually means. Through interviews with three generations of a single family, they seek to understand contemporary Mexico before the backdrop of the political history of their country and the PRI.

Production: Lagartijas tiradas al sol, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Dirección de Teatro de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Festival de México FMX e Interior XIII Cine.

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Duration: ca. 100 minutes