Enjoy Darling

by Jovana Reisinger
Director: Sarah Kohm
World Premiere in the Studio


It is not easy to be taken seriously as a successful writer. Especially if you want to wear what you like, have long fingernails and embody glamour. It is best to write about being a woman and then to politely listen to remarks about your narrow range of material. The more feminine you appear, the less likely your success as a writer seems. It appears that adopting a certain type of femininity makes you forego any form of artistic legitimacy, much like sexual self­determination. Having a successful career is also detrimental to a successful dating life: too many achievements as a writer call into question your credentials as a woman. And the occupation does not even provide enough security for you to completely dodge the temptation of becoming economically dependent on a husband. »Enjoy Schatz« traces the writer’s creation of herself across four seasons—from the hormonal highs of spring to the indolence of summer, the melancholy of autumn and the emotional deep freeze of winter. It is not clear from the beginning exactly who the creator is and who the creation; who the writer is who oscillates between butterflies in her stomach and heartache, book premieres with oysters and still using the bus instead of a cab. Is it possible to create yourself artistically and sexually and to say with sincerity to both others and yourself, »Enjoy, darling!«?

In Sarah Kohm’s second production at the Schaubühne following »A Girl’s Story« by Annie Ernaux, the writer rises Venuslike from the shell that she herself wrote. Between woman, artist and persona, she learns to perform, present and pose. Fortunately, in the end, noone remains where they started and the images of the woman and artist enter into a process of constant, joyful transformation.

Stage and Costume Design: Lena Marie Emrich
Dramaturgy: Elisa Leroy
Music: Leonardo Mockridge
With: Veronika Bachfischer, Jovana Reisinger

Premieres on 27 June 2024