Wir werden wieder wer gewesen sein

by Turbo Pascal

World Premiere
A co-production of Turbo Pascal with the Schaubühne Berlin and LOT-Theatre Braunschweig. Sponsored by Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur, Niedersächsische Lottostiftung, Stadt Braunschweig, Friedrich-Weinhagen-Stiftung.

Theatre collective Turbo Pascal presents a diffuse attempt to answer the question, »who could we have been?« Is Germany’s so-called »lucky democracy« a reason to celebrate? And if so, how has national and individual democracy been learned? In the stage setting, spectators will sit at long tables and, working together, will practise reading and writing, voting and statement making, as well as using the future tense. What conclusions will be drawn about Germany and the German people in the future? In »We’ll have been someone again« Turbo Pascal tests itself and its fellow citizens on their common ability to be democratic and to live in the future. The minimalist music by Friedrich Greiling, both polished and raw, underscores Turbo Pascal’s discursive style.
Using pilot projects and interactive formats, Turbo Pascal invites other people to be co-authors on their plays, and ask themselves and others about current topics which can be better considered as a group rather than on one’s own. In 2008, Turbo Pascal, in collaboration with the Schaubühne, created a many-voiced piece using interviews and original footage of political speeches and debates.

Stage design and Costume design: Magda Willi

Premiered on 23 September 2008