after Hannah Arendt
Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth

In a version by Patrick Wengenroth, Bettina Ehrlich and Ensemble

»What do we do when we are active?« The central question from »The Human Condition«, Hannah Arendt’s main work of philosophy which was first published in English in 1958 and released two years later in German with the title »Vita active«, leads us right to the heart of the »human condition«: Who are we? What constitutes an active life? These are enduringly relevant questions. And to address them is to devote yourself to Arendt’s »thinking without a banister«, to a thinking that has always understood the human being from the perspective of our potential and not our limitations or even our mortality; as a being who at any time could act to change the world and create a beginning: »That which came before man is not nothing, but nobody; his creation is the beginning of a being who himself possesses the ability to begin: It is the beginning of the beginning or beginning itself«.

Patrick Wengenroth and his ensemble want to make themselves unconditionally available to this beginning of the beginning or beginning itself. Errors cannot be ruled out. A play without banisters, without smoke and mirrors, about life and death, on the stage that intends to signify as well as interpret the world, full of becoming and wanting and desiring. Please press »play«. And … action!


Duration: ca. 105 minutes

Premiered on 31 August 2019 at the Studio