09/16/2017, 21.00 – 21.55

In Spanish with German and English surtitles


by Roberto Farías and Pablo Larraín
Direction: Pablo Larraín (Santiago de Chile)

Sandokan is an outsider, someone with nothing left to lose. He volubly flogs cheap tat to people on the Transantiago bus in the hope of finally gaining ›acceso‹ – entry into a better position in society. Whilst he bluntly advertises his hair and footcare articles, his tatty advice booklets, children’s bibles and even the country’s constitution, he forces his stories upon the people and tells them bit by bit about his past shaped by poverty, drugs and violence. We learn that he was abused as a child by priests and other »uncles« who hailed from a better class of society. He bellows out all the brutal, monstrous details, pillories the state authorities who sedate children with psychotropic drugs and send them back to the disastrous circumstances from which they have sought to escape. He attacks the homes whose gruesome practices are even worse than these young people’s everyday lives of abuse and exploitation. Ultimately, he even craves a return to the so-called »love« of which the priests gave him a taste. »Acceso« is the first theatre production by the internationally-celebrated Chilean film director Pablo Larraín (»Neruda«, »Jackie«). Working with actor Roberto Farías, who already played the pariah Sandokan in Larraín’s award-winning film »El Club«, the director has developed a ruthlessly candid monologue. Whereas the film centres around the perpetrators, this play focusses on the victims of sexual abuse and delivers an unflinching indictment of a deeply corrupt system.

Direction: Pablo Larraín

Duration: ca. 55 minutes