Angélica [una tragédia]

by Manuel Fernández-Valdés
Direction: Manuel Fernández-Valdés

Angélica Liddell prepares her next play and Manuel Fernández-Valdés resolves to portray her in a movie. Liddell has become one of the most important European theatremakers with an autobiographical theatre in which she exposes her innermost pain. A decision that affects the essence of her way of working and all people who work with her. Each one must decide how far he or she is willing to reach. The director of the film will not remain oblivious to the experience.

»Angélica [a tragedy]« is a film about the troubled relationship between creation and life.

Direction: Manuel Fernández-Valdés
Production: Ester Rodríguez-Sánchez
Camera: Manuel Fernández-Valdés
Sound: Ramón Fernández y Fernando, Carmena Barrachina
Editing and Narrator: Manuel Fernández-Valdés

With: Angélica Liddell

Duration: ca. 83 minutes

Premiere: 2016