Angriffe auf Anne

by Martin Crimp
Translated from the English by Falk Richter
Director: Lilja Rupprecht


Anne. Anya. Annie. Anny. Annushka. Internationally wanted terrorist. Cold -blooded murderer. Tourist in Piedmont. Artist. Mother. Lover. Girl -next -door. Physicist. Film star. Young and old. Victim and perpetrator. Rich and poor. Who is she? Is she one thing or the other? Is she everything at once? Is  everything imagination? And who is speaking about her here? Friends? Family? Passing acquaintances? The society? A male writer? A god? Putting together »17 Scenarios for the Theatre«, a succession of vague hints and contradictory information, the British author Martin Crimp has created the portrait of a woman who remains absent. Acting performances, choreographies, film material, offstage voices attempt to get a grasp on her, and yet betray ever more information about the people who are speaking. How many lives can fit inside a single one? And what kind of reality applies in a commodified world inundated with images and events?

Lilja Rupprecht was born in Hamburg in 1984, and worked there as an assistant director in the Thalia Theater, before studying theatre directing at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst »Ernst Busch« in Berlin. Her production of »Clavigo« by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe earned her an invitation in 2012 to the Körber Studio Junge Regie. Since then, she has worked as a director at numerous theatres including the Deutsches Theater Berlin, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Schauspiel Hannover, Schauspiel Köln, RambaZamba Theater Berlin and the Burgtheater Wien. Following »Jeff Koons«,»Angriffe auf Anne« is her second work for the Schaubühne.

Director: Lilja Rupprecht
Costume and Stage Design: Annelies Vanlaere
Music: Fabian Ristau
Video: Rebecca Riedel
Dramaturgy: Bettina Ehrlich

Premieres on 30 October 2024