10/01/2015, 20.00

In English

Book premiere with activist Srdja Popovic

Moderation: Martin Reichert

Nothing is more effective than non-violent resistance. And no one knows it better than internationally known activist Srdja Popovic. As a student he and his friends were able to bring down dictator Miloševic. Since then he advises civil rights movements, democratic movements and other
activist groups. In his book he gathers his concrete tipps and tricks on how to organize non-violent protest, e. g. which strategies work best for winning over the press, how to find the right allies or why humour is the best weapon and verifies them with impressive and creative examples.

Srdja Popovic was born in Belgrade in 1973. He is an internationally known political activist. Being a founder of the resistance group Otpor! he could unseat Miloševic in a succesfull campaign in 2000. Together with the independent organizationCANVAS(Center for Applied Nonviolent Action Strategiers), he advises resistance fighters in the whole world - amongst others in Egypt, Syria, Tunesia, Georgia and the Maledives.

Martin Reichert, born in 1973, is a German journalist and author. As an editor of the berlin daily newspaper taz, his main field of interest covers society, zeitgeist, sexuality and questions of gender. Apart from his work as an editor and columnist for the taz he regularly publishes articles in 
the Berliner Siegessäule, the magazine Männer and Du & Ich.