by Jack Thorne
Direction: Christoph Schletz

German transalation by John Birke

Katie, an 18 year old middle-class kid from a liberal family, doesn’t want to be a good girl anymore. With smaller and larger inept acts of rebellion she tries again and again to shake up her dull, normal life in the London suburb of Luton, to feel alive and find excitement and adventure. Her boyfriend, Abe, it has to be said, even if she herself doesn’t exactly know when one should say it, is black.
One hot afternoon in summer this messing around becomes serious: Abe gets into a fight with a cyclist who hits him, after which he vanishes. Together with Jake and Asif, two of Abe’s workmates, they go after him to get revenge. And suddenly, everything that’s going to happen next, depends entirely on Katie...

Trailer »Bunny«

Playwright: Jack Thorne
Direction: Christoph Schletz
Stage design: Philipp Strigel
Costume design: Marc Freitag
Dramaturgy: Nils Haarmann
Musical advisor: Nils Ostendorf
Light design: Kai Luczak

With: Jenny König

Duration: ca. 60 minutes

Premiered on 6 March 2012


Trailer »Bunny«