Burnt Toast

by Susie Wang

Somewhere Deep South, in an all-red hotel lobby with a front desk and two elevators — one going up and one going down. Pink beanbags make up the lounge. Betty, the receptionist, is busy typing, and all you can hear is the clicking of the keyboard. Then Danny Iwas appears with a silver briefcase chained to his wrist, and when Betty says welcome, he steps out of the elevator and into the lobby. After checking in, Danny wants to go to the museum, but then he sees Violet. She sits in the lounge sipping the welcome drink, an eggnog based cocktail, while breast-feeding her baby daughter. Danny and Violet strike up a conversation and quickly bond. Violet notes that her daughter looks a lot like Danny. A lot. Could he possibly be the father? What is in his briefcase? When does the museum close? And what about the future? The afternoon in the lobby becomes increasingly bizarre and blood will flow until dreams and hallucinations and theatre merge into a wild genre blend.

The Norwegian theatre group Susie Wang was formed in 2017 by writer and director Trine Falch, composer and sound designer Martin Langlie, actor Mona Solhaug and set designer Bo Krister Wallström. »Burnt Toast« is Susie Wang’s first work to be shown in Berlin.

With: Kim Atle Hansen, Julie Solberg, Mona Solhaug, Phillip Isaksen, Fanney Antonsdottir
Stagecraft live: Jon Løvøen, Simen Ulvestad, Viola Hamre
Text and Direction: Trine Falch
Scenography: Bo Krister Wallström
Music and Sound Design: Martin Langlie
Lighting Design: Phillip Isaksen
SFX: Fanney Antonsdottir
Stagecraft design: Antti Bjørn, Jon Løvøen
Language consultancy: Dean Clark
Sarah Valentine Coproduction: Black Box teater (Oslo), Kilden Performing Arts Centre (Kristiansand) 

Recommended age: 16 years
Contains depictions of violence and scenes featuring blood.

Duration: ca. 85 minutes

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Ministry of foreign affairs/Performing Arts Hub, Norway


Recommended age: 16 years
Contains depictions of violence and scenes featuring blood.