Guest performance of the Compagnie Rodrigo García (Spain) and of Bonlieu scène nationale Annecy (France)
by Rodrigo García
Direction and Set Design: Rodrigo García

In his new work »Daisy«, the Spanish-Argentinian theatre-maker Rodrigo García takes the audience on a bizarre journey into the heart of despair about the banality of our highly-civilised but essentially empty contemporary world. García’s text is characterised by its powerful language, clear-sightedness and wholesome pitch-black humour. His vicious aggravations spare no-one: text-messages that make excessive use of smileys, the patronising Google search engine which disrespectfully presumes to be on first name terms with its users, ambitious do-it-yourself enthusiasts and home decorators whose guests are only tolerated provided they don’t make anything dirty, contrary water-skiers and above all the author himself who gives vent to his grievances with a furious, swinging blow in nine visually stunning, poetic scenes. Gonzago Cunill and Juan Loriente, who have acted in many of García’s productions, appear alongside two excited little dogs, a live terrapin, a Beethoven- playing string quartet, hundreds of cockroaches and snails as well as the philosopher Leibniz who, as the trainer of Yorkshire terrier bitch Daisy, imparts important nuggets of worldly wisdom to her.

Co-production: La Bâtie - Festival de Genève with the support of Le théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève as part of the PACT project, beneficiary of the FeDer with the Interreg IV (a French-Swiss program). Delegated production of the Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy.

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Direction and Set Design: Rodrigo García

Duration: ca. 105 minutes