The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov
Direction: Falk Richter

An adaptation by Falk Richter

Liubov Ranyevskaya is completely bankrupt. Having just returned from Paris, she faces the forced auction of her beloved cherry orchard. The businessman Lopakhin suggests cutting down the orchard and parcelling down the land out for the development of summer homes, avoiding ruin by making lots of money. But Ranyevskaya, who is mired in her memories, and her affable brother Gayev, who completely lacks coping skills, simply cannot imagine transforming the playground of their youth, and of their current sleepy community, into a profit-hungry venture. The family celebrates one last time with an extravagant party while Lopakhin auctions the land with the orchard, buying it all himself. The family is forced to leave while the thuds of axes are heard; Lopakhin’s workers have arrived and begin cutting down the orchard.
After »The Seagull« and »The Three Sisters«, Falk Richter continues his exploration of Anton Chekhov’s dramatic corpus.

Playwright: Anton Tschechow
Direction: Falk Richter
Stage design: Katrin Hoffmann
Costume design: Marysol Del Castillo
Music: Paul Lemp
Dramaturgy: Jens Hillje
Light design: Carsten Sander

Ljubow Andrejewna Ranjewskaja: Bibiana Beglau
Warja: Elzemarieke De Vos
Anja: Eva Meckbach
Leonid Andrejewitsch Gajew: Kay Bartholomäus Schulze
Jermolaj Alexejewitsch Lopachin: Bruno Cathomas
Pjotr Sergejewitsch Trofimow: Mark Waschke
Charlotta Iwanowa: Steffi Kühnert
Firs: Erhard Marggraf
Jascha: Stefan Stern

Duration: ca. 180 minutes

Premiered on 29 January 2008