05/17/2023, 19.30 – 21.45

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Die Anderen

by Anne-Cécile Vandalem
Direction: Anne-Cécile Vandalem
World Premiere
Stage A

Translation by Uli Menke

A small, isolated village somewhere in the middle of Europe on a rainy and gloomy autumn evening. It’s been raining frequently; in fact, unceasingly, for months. Alda, who manages the »Old Continent« hotel with her husband René, runs over a boy on her way back from a meeting with the village headman – and to top it all, she’s steaming drunk thanks to all the booze served at the meeting. The boy is on the run and just wants to get out of there as quickly as possible. But he is injured and cannot be taken to hospital without Alda being busted. So he is treated in the village and hidden in the hotel. Soon the other villagers grow curious and suspicious; resentments, erotic longings, demands and revenge fantasies are all directed at the stranger who becomes embroiled in a variety of conflicting interests and asks himself many questions about the village: Why are there no children living there? By which rules do the few inhabitants co-exist? Why are they all so strangely wary? He begins to suspect that there is a dark secret.

Anne-Cécile Vandalem is an actor, director and writer. With her company »Das Fräulein« she develops her own stories in which the tragic, the grotesque and absurd humour combine to form their own, highly individual genre. Her previous two productions »Tristesses« and »Arctique« featured as part of FIND at the Schaubühne. »Die Anderen« (»The Others«) is her first work with the Schaubühne ensemble. Vandalem creates a ludicrous, tragicomically gloomy parable about otherness, living with unresolved questions, deep-seated trauma and repressed feelings of guilt – never without a subtle black humour.

Violence and sexualized violence are thematized in the performance.



Director: Anne-Cécile Vandalem
Set Designer: Karolien de Schepper, Christophe Engels (Ruimtevaarders)
Costume Designer: Laurence Hermant
Director of Photograhpy: Federico d’Ambrosio
Video: Guillaume Cailleau
Composer: Pierre Kissling
Dramaturg: Nils Haarmann
Lighting Designer: Erich Schneider

Alda: Jule Böwe
René: Kay Bartholomäus Schulze
Marge: Stephanie Eidt
Owen: Axel Wandtke
Jacques: David Ruland
Luise: Ruth Rosenfeld
Ulysses: Damir Avdic
Suzanne: Veronika Bachfischer
Camera: Florian Baumgarten / Lukas Friedrich, Moritz von Dungern / Anastasiia Gavrilova

Duration: ca. 135 minutes

Premiered on 30 November 2019

Co-production with Das Fräulein (Kompanie), Brussels, Théâtre de Liège, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. In cooperation with the European Theatre Network PROSPERO.


Caution: Smoking on stage.


Violence and sexualized violence are thematized in the performance.