Third Generation

by Yael Ronen & the Company
Direction: Yael Ronen

German, Arabic, Hebrew, English with German and English surtitles
Afterwards: film (total length with performance: ca. 130 min.)

In a »work in progress« Israeli playwright and director Yael Ronen, together with her team and a company of Israeli, German and Palestinian actors analyses the Gordian Knot that characterizes these three nations. The participants come from very different family backgrounds. Some come from families where relatives were born on opposite sides of the divided Germany, or are either Muslim or Christian Palestinians who have Israeli passports and live in Haifa or Tel Aviv, or come from Jewish families with different origins – from Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.
As well as discussing the Here and Now, there will be a focus on those years that lay down the roots of our ideas about ourselves today. Concepts like memory, guilt, what makes a victimizer and what makes a victim, and what those concepts mean to us now, both in their public and private use, will be scrutinized. This will not be about competing national founding myths, but an attempt to comprehend the foundations upon which our personal identity is based within a particular national context.

A co-production by the Schaubühne with the Habima National Theatre of Israel (Tel Aviv) and the Ruhrtriennale 2009, commissioned by Theater der Welt 2008 in Halle, supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and the Goethe Institute.


Duration: ca. 105 minutes

(without interval)

Premiered on 20 March 2009

Tour Dates

Tel Aviv (October 2008, October 2009, March 2010, February 2011, March 2012)
Parma (October 2008)
Essen (September 2009)
Chemnitz (November 2009)
Kaiserslautern (November 2009)
Konstanz (November 2009)
München (November 2009)
Prag (November 2009)
Saarbrücken (November 2009)
Wiesbaden (November 2009)
Braunschweig (December 2009)
Dessau (December 2009)
Reims (December 2009)
Weimar (December 2009)
Hamburg (January 2010)
Lodz (March 2010)
Stockholm (May 2010)
Sachnin (Israel) (February 2011)
Arhus (May 2011)
Braga (May 2011)
Porto (May 2011)
Thessaloniki (October 2011)
Malmö (October 2013)