11/10/2022, 20.00

DYKE DOGS SALON: »Land Dykes, or: Ecological Utopias Were Always Lesbian Too«

DYKE DOGS SALON is a queer-lesbian cultural excursion curated by Lynn Takeo Musiol, Eva Tepest and guests

Thinking about the future is about thinking about the past. That's why they say: Where there's a dyke, there's a way. Beguinages in the Middle Ages, redistribution accounts of the proles or Land Dykes in Taiwan - together lesbians have always designed solidary, sustainable worlds. In our very own Land Dyke Cottage, problems are piling up: the water stays out, the poly life is causing headaches for some. In our gathering, we navigate our shared future with guests from play, theory and practice. Choose your own adventure, dyke!

Lighting Designer: Diana Swieca
Stage Designer: Ulla Willis